Jul. 25th, 2014

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На снимке 2000-го года Президент Путин награждает генерала Анатолия Корнукова... за отдание приказа по сбиванию Корейского авиалайнера 007 в 1983 году. Это перевод на английский момента отдачи приказа.

Lt. Colonel Gerasimenko, Acting Commander, 41st Fighter Regiment.
"Gerasimenko: (to Kornukov) Task received. Destroy target 60–65 with missile fire. Accept control of fighter from Smirnikh."
General Anatoly Kornukov, Commander of Sokol Air Base – Sakhalin.
"Kornukov: (to Gerasimenko) I repeat the task, Fire the missiles, Fire on target 60–65. Destroy target 60–65... Take control of the MiG 23 from Smirnikh, call sign 163, call sign 163 He is behind the target at the moment. Destroy the target!... Carry out the task, Destroy it!"
General Valery Kamensky, Commander of Far East Military District Air Defense Forces.
"Kornukov: (To Kamensky) ...simply destroy [it] even if it is over neutral waters? Are the orders to destroy it over neutral waters? Oh, well."
Army General Ivan Moiseevich Tretyak, Commander of the Far East Military District.
"Weapons were used, weapons authorized at the highest level. Ivan Moiseevich authorized it. Hello, hello.", "Say again.", "I cannot hear you clearly now.", "He gave the order. Hello, hello, hello.", "Yes, yes.", "Ivan Moiseevich gave the order, Tretyak.", "Roger, roger.", "Weapons were used at his order."


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